Company Presentation.

This program is designed to meet the interests of companies / industries in promoting their institutions effectively. The company is given the opportunity to inform the participants' profiles, facilities, job vacancies to the participants / job seekers, so that the company can be increasingly recognized by all participants / job seekers who are present at the Job Fair. .

Test and Interview.

The company provides opportunities to conduct recruitment activities from participants / job seekers who have applied / helped themselves at the Job Fair. Occupation The attending University Placement Center will assist in providing services additional according to company demand .

Kadiri University.

Kadiri University can be regarded as the oldest Private University in the City of Kediri - East Java, Kadiri University was established based on the notary deed SOEROSO, SH no. 84 of 1980 dated July 28, 1980 along with all the deed of amendment. The Kadiri University Anniversary was set on 7 February in accordance with the date and month of the inauguration of the Kadiri University lecture by the Governor of East Java Province (Alm. Mr. Soenandar Prijo Soedarmo) on 7 February 1981.
Partisipan Jobfair Universitas Kadiri 2019